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Invisalign Teeth Braces in India


If you have ever dreamt of getting that PERFECT SMILE that you can boast off, you must be looking for various teeth straightening options. But hey!! The piece of knowledge that you will read now shall alter all your presumptions about those ugly metallic wired braces. We are going to tell you about the revolutionary treatment in dentistry. “THE INVISIBLE BRACES”.

They are actually a series of clear aligners, made of flexible plastic which is FDA-approved thermoplastic material and contains no BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten. They are very thin, clear, and snugly fit over your teeth, making them virtually invisible. People will not even notice you’re wearing them. They are trimmed according to your gum line for best comfort and appearance.

Why choose Cosmodent India for Invisalign Teeth Braces in India?
Advance Dental is one of the leading providers of Invisalign teeth braces in India. With over seven clinics located across the country, Cosmodent India provides a range of orthodontic treatments for individuals looking for a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile. Invisalign teeth braces, a revolutionary new way of straightening teeth without metal brackets or wires, are one of the many unique services we offer. Here are some reasons why Cosmodent India should be your go-to choice if you’re considering getting Invisalign braces in India.
First off, we provide comprehensive treatment plans that guarantee excellent results. Our team of highly qualified dentists takes into account each patient’s individual needs and tailor a plan accordingly to ensure maximum effectiveness. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures safety and hygiene during all procedures. Furthermore, our use of modern technology makes the entire process efficient and hassle free for the patient. Contact our help centre to know the cost of invisalign braces in India.


This groundbreaking technology can move your teeth more predictably and help you get the smile you want up to 50% faster. You can easily remove your aligners to eat, drink,  floss or brush, or for attending any social occasions like weddings, job interviews, or for playing sport or any instrument. These involve absolutely no metal brackets/wires that could irritate your mouth or break over and again compelling you to visit your dentist immediately. So your favorite rice crisps or corn cobs stay in your menu. You can eat them all and wear your aligners back!

It is a great solution for both adults and teens looking forward to improving their smile and not hamper their daily lifestyle and appearance. Modern-day innovations and technological advancements have made it possible to fix nearly all common teeth-straightening and bite issues, from simple to complex without interrupting your busy life. Millions of people worldwide have already transformed their smiles with invisible aligners.

  • Treatment starts with a consultation with our trained doctor to evaluate your smile.
  • After which we’ll take impressions (molds) of your teeth and send off to invisible braces manufacturing company that you chose.
  • They’ll use these impressions to map out a precise, customized digital treatment plan that showcases the step-by-step transformation of your smile using special ClinCheck software.
  • Once you approve your plan, your unique aligners will be created.
  • You will wear each set of aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day, changing to a new set of aligners every 1 to 2 weeks, as directed.
  • Each set of aligners will gently and gradually shift your teeth into place, according to your treatment plan, until you reach your beautiful new smile.
  • You may or may not require wearing retainers post-treatment. This will be decided by our specialist subjecting to your case.
  • We will schedule your follow-up appointments, about once every four to six weeks just to ensure your Invisalign treatment is progressing as planned.

During the treatment, your teeth move by application of gentle, constant force, but some people do feel temporary discomfort only for the initial few days of wearing a new set of aligners. Typically, describe as feeling “pressure” and it’s very normal - it’s actually a sign that your aligners are working well and transforming your smile.
At any point, if you have any concerns or experience continued discomfort, Cosmodent Team will always be there to help.

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