Habit Breaking Appliances

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Habit Breaking Appliances

Habit can be defined as a fixed or constant practice established by frequent repetition.

Usually children will develop unhealthy habits. These habits usually fade away as they grow up, if the practice persists after the permanent teeth have erupted, it can drastically change the growth patterns of the jaw and can ruin the alignment of the teeth

Children have a very soft bone in their jaw, so if they catch such habits it can make the soft jaws change its shape according to the force being applied on it.So it’s very important to stop these habit by making the child understand the consequences of continuing such habits. But for some kids they need some appliance to break the habit

What are the available appliances

At Advance Dental we study the habit of child and we make a treatment plan. Here are the basic treatment option for some of the common oral habits


If your child has a thumb or finger sucking habit that has persisted past the age of five, and you have been unable to tame it, a more permanent solution to thumb sucking is an appliance called a fixed palatal crib or a rake-style appliance.



It’s the natural swallowing movement of tongue, but some kids take it as a habit to repeat this movement which will result in the deformity of the arch.If the pattern doesn’t change, however, it can lead to problems similar to those caused by thumb sucking like problems with tooth alignment and skeletal development.

This is treated with a tongue thrusting habit breaking appliance. This can be either in the form of the crib, rake, spiky style or beaded


Normally breathing is through nose, mouth breathing can lead to decrease in saliva and it makes teeth more prone for caries. One can probably assume that there may be some kind of psychological disturbance in the child’s mind. This must be identified and rectified at an earlier stage whenever possible.Some habits develop due to anatomical deviation. As blocked nose due to recurrent cold or deviated septum can force the child from mouth and thus the habit of mouth breathing develops.

Appliance used for treating this is an oral screen. The oral screen prevents the inhaled air to enter the oral cavity. The oral cavity can also be closed.

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